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Number of Finishers (Last Edition)

Number of Finishers (Last Edition)EventDate
1.39 115Marathon de Paris2015-04-12Paris France
2.36 474Berlin Marathon2014-09-28Berlin Germany
3.35 766London Marathon2015-04-26London United Kingdom
4.15 652Stockholm Marathon2015-05-30Stockholm Sweden
5.15 343Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore2014-12-07Singapore Singapore
6.14 876Maratona di Roma2015-03-22Rome Italy
7.12 317National Lottery Dublin Marathon2014-10-27Dublin Ireland
8.11 370Maratón de Madrid2015-04-26Madrid Spain
9.11 278Amsterdam Marathon2014-10-19Amsterdam Netherlands
10.9 624Nykredit Copenhagen Marathon2015-05-24Copenhagen Denmark

Men's Course Record

Men's course recordEventDate
1.02:03:23Berlin Marathon2014-09-28Berlin Germany
2.02:04:29London Marathon2015-04-26London United Kingdom
3.02:05:03Marathon de Paris2015-04-12Paris France
4.02:05:39Volkswagen Prague Marathon2015-05-03Prague Czech Republic
5.02:05:41Amsterdam Marathon2014-10-19Amsterdam Netherlands
6.02:06:58Vienna Marathon2015-04-12Vienna Austria
7.02:08:04Maratona di Roma2015-03-22Rome Italy
8.02:08:17Maraton Warszawski2015-09-27Warszawa Poland
9.02:08:33National Lottery Dublin Marathon2014-10-27Dublin Ireland
10.02:09:02Orlen Warsaw Marathon2015-04-26Warszawa Poland

Women's Course Record

Women's course recordEventDate
1.02:15:25London Marathon2015-04-26London United Kingdom
2.02:19:44Berlin Marathon2014-09-28Berlin Germany
3.02:21:09Amsterdam Marathon2014-10-19Amsterdam Netherlands
4.02:21:12Moscow Marathon2014-09-21Moscow Russian Federation
5.02:21:39Marathon de Paris2015-04-12Paris France
6.02:22:34Volkswagen Prague Marathon2015-05-03Prague Czech Republic
7.02:23:36SEB Tallinn Marathon2015-09-13Tallinn Estonia
8.02:25:44Maratona di Roma2015-03-22Rome Italy
9.02:26:13National Lottery Dublin Marathon2014-10-27Dublin Ireland
10.02:26:20Athens Classic Marathon2014-11-09Athens Greece


1.41Berlin Marathon2014-09-28Berlin Germany
2.39Marathon de Paris2015-04-12Paris France
3.39Amsterdam Marathon2014-10-19Amsterdam Netherlands
4.38Maratón de Madrid2015-04-26Madrid Spain
5.37Maraton Warszawski2015-09-27Warszawa Poland
6.37Canberra Marathon2015-04-12Canberra Australia
7.36Stockholm Marathon2015-05-30Stockholm Sweden
8.36Nykredit Copenhagen Marathon2015-05-24Copenhagen Denmark
9.35London Marathon2015-04-26London United Kingdom
10.35National Lottery Dublin Marathon2014-10-27Dublin Ireland

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